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Did Someone Say FREE Books for the Classroom?

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Free new books for schools and classrooms, monthly $100 book giveaway

You bet we did! Since March 2016, we’ve been offering our book-loving educators a chance to win $100 in free books for the classroom. And boy, was this a great idea. We were thrilled to help 10 educators make their selection of free new books in 2016.

We are delighted to announce our new and improved giveaway for the new year. Our 2017 BIGGEST K-12 EDUCATORS BOOK GIVEAWAY offers a chance to win $500Entering is a snap, with no purchase necessary. 

The Biggest K-12 Educators Book Giveaway - Win $500

With the chance to enter quarterly, educators can benefit from this terrific opportunity to stock up on new reading material - for FREE! We’re so ecstatic to be offering more value to our community of educators.

Win $500 in Free Books

Does all this sound too good to be true? Check out our past winners!

$100 Educators Book Giveaway Winners 2016

WINNER #1 - March 2016

Our first winner, Miss Chandra Merryman of Shafer Middle School in Nashville, Tennessee, was able to share the love with her 90 8th grade students. Merryman spent her winnings on Linda Sue Park’s “A Long Walk to Water,” a New York Times bestselling novel. 

WINNER #2 - April 2016

Miss Debbie Heitzenrater from Towanda Elementary School in Towanda, Kansas was thrilled at the idea of bringing in fresh reading material to her library students at no cost. Miss Debbie ordered Patricia MacLachlan’s “Caleb’s Story,” for her third grade students.

WINNER #3 - May 2016

Our third winner was Miss Katie Bromberek, an executive assistant at Acelero in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Acelero Learning is a provider of early childhood education and family engagement services, all of which are focused on closing the Achievement Gap, and Katie plays an integral role in developing curriculum for the students involved in her programs. For a summer curriculum unit on motion, Katie chose a classroom set of books that would engage young students with it’s vivid imagery, simple text, and science-based text. Push & Pull, by Patricia


Ursula Lancaric, a Library Media Specialist at Forney High School in Forney, Texas, was our fourth contest winner back in June. Come July, Miss Amber Labertew, of Lavaca School District in Sebastian County, Arkansas put her winnings to good use in preparation for the 2016-2017 school year by ordering History’s Greatest Speeches for her 7th grade ELA classes. Our August winner was Ashley Trueblood at Flowing Wells High School in Tucson, Arizona.


Sheila Culp at Frank Hughes Middle School in Clifton, TN won our September Giveaway.

Our October winner was Teleah Brown at Holmes Stem Academy in Flint, Michigan.

John Fallin at Oneonta Middle School in Oneonta, Alabama won in November.

In December, our final winner was Lyndsey Epperson of Janney Elementary School in Washington, DC.

We were so inspired by all of the contest entries we received and the wonderful ways educators are putting their bulk books to use!

2016 was a fantastic year for providing classrooms near and far with free books, and we can’t wait to go above and beyond for our educators in 2017 with our new and improved contest.

Learn more about how you can get free books for your classroom.


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