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Second Round Success: NEW Bestselling Book Giveaway Winners

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Our BIG Bestselling Book Giveaway offered the opportunity for five lucky winners to receive 10 FREE copies of StrengthsFinder 2.0 for their teams. This life-changing book makes an impact in any environment, from business to education, to corporate and beyond.

We're proud to announce the winners of the second round of this giveaway...

A big Bulk Bookstore "Congratulations!" to:

Madge S., Little Miami Junior High School

Faye G., Comstock Public Schools

Malissa K., New Richmond Middle School

Karla A., International Insurance Institute

Stacey G., Cesar Chavez Academy High School

We are SO super excited for these winners to receive their books!

Want to learn more about StrengthsFinder and how it can benefit YOUR team?

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Our WONDERful New Giveaway: WIN 25 copies of Wonder by R. J. Palacio

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Our 2017 Paperback Giveaway Winner

Christina de la Garza is one dedicated lady! An educator for fifteen years and counting, Christina recognizes the importance of reading and goes above and beyond to ensure that her high school students have access to the books they want to read, spreading a love of literacy throughout the student body by organizing a portable ‘library on wheels’. With 25 [...]

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Classic Novels for Kansas Kids

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