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A Healthy Solution: Optum Empowers Patients Through Literature

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Modernizing the healthcare system and inspiring individuals to take control of their health is what Optum is all about. With specific programs aimed at helping people suffering from a variety of life problems and sticky situations, this organization often requires large amount of books – and fast. Vlad from Optum explains why they chose to work with Bulk Bookstore, and the benefit that bulk books have within their company. 


Meaningful Materials

Once enrolled in one of Optum’s programs, patients can work with nurses, learn what books they’re eligible to receive, and even have materials sent right to them. As an Inventory Manager, Vlad oversees the ordering and usage of the various books Optum orders from Bulk Bookstore.

So, when does an Inventory Manager have to order books? “Depending on the monthly usage and volume we need, we like to replenish 6 month’s worth of inventory at one time,” Vlad explained. 

This means Vlad needed to find a bulk book supplier that had all the books he needs, plus great customer service and a quick turnaround – which is often hard to find, especially since Optum is ordering 750+ books each time.

Assistance, Education, & Confidence

As a healthcare company, Optum deals with a variety of individuals, all going through their own issues and specific situations. As such, the types of books they order range from self-help to parenting and pregnancy.

Here is a sampling of the books that Optum has ordered from Bulk Bookstore:

Why Bulk Bookstore?

When asked why he chose Bulk Bookstore, Vlad said the following: “It’s nice and very rewarding to know that the books we need are available at the time of ordering. We always want to make sure we’re not ordering books on backorder, and that nurses can get all materials over to members as needed and on time,” he said. But it’s more than that!

“In the past, we had a couple instances where books needed to be ordered, but nobody had an idea of how to do it. Fortunately, we found Bulk Bookstore and noticed the benefit of free shipping, which is huge especially when you order in bulk like we do!” Vlad continues, “It’s been a great relationship so far, and I appreciate the turnaround on such large quantities. It’s great to know that we can rely on you guys for large quantity orders.”

Unique titles always in stock, free shipping, and turnaround fast enough to make your head spin – that’s the Bulk Bookstore way! 

Read more about Optum here.

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