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Some Big Shoes to Fill: Bigfoot and Bulk Bookstore

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Since 1994, Cliff Barackman has been on a quest. 

His mission: to prove the existence of the elusive Sasquatch, most commonly known as Bigfoot! Read on to find out how Cliff uses books to breakthrough to the Bigfoot community - and beyond.

Currently a featured member of Animal Planet’s wildly successful Finding Bigfoot series, this enthusiastic sasquatch field researcher explains how his background in education still makes an impact in the work he does today, and how bulk books on Bigfoot have added evidence that can sway even the most scrutinous of skeptics.

Where It All Began…

With a career as a sixth grade teacher under his belt, Cliff Barackman is certainly a man who knows books.  


“I’m here because of my childhood in the 70’s watching “In Search Of,” Barackman happily explained to Bulk Bookstore. “I would watch that show and then go straight to the library to check out all books on monsters, on Bigfoot – it all began with books.”

So, when Animal Planet was looking for someone to pen the foreword for their book Finding Bigfoot (Everything You Need to Know), they thought immediately of Cliff Barackman – with his background as an educator and his encyclopedic knowledge of the secretive large-footed species, who better?

He elaborated, “The book’s target audience is young people, ages 10-16, so as a teacher and super Bigfoot nerd, I’m proud to be involved in the Finding Bigfoot book.”

Bulk for Bigfoot

Often a featured guest or speaker at Bigfoot events, lectures, and conferences throughout the year, Barackman wanted a way to give back to the Bigfoot community – and what better way to do so than through books!

“When I’m at a conference, I’m there on my own time and don’t make any money – that’s not what I’m there for. I want to pay my respects to where I came from,” Barackman said.

Usually given a booth to set up for whatever he’d like to display or sell at these conferences and events, Barackman decided to order bulk copies of Finding Bigfoot.

“I wrote the foreword and did the audio book, so I have a very close connection to the book,” Barackman said. “It’s also great to take to conferences, because you can’t buy one of these online that has a signature in it! Also, my name is on the cover! It’s pretty cool.”

Why Bulk Bookstore?

We thought Cliff chose us because of our location (1/3 of Bigfoot sightings have come from the Pacific Northwest…), but it turns out, he chose us for many of the same reasons other customers do – our low prices, great customer service, and extensive selection of books.

“When I bought from other stores, I would buy out their entire stock,” Barackman said, “Bulk Bookstore has a huge number of books available, and followed up on my order to make sure everything worked out.”


Bulk books are a fantastic choice for conference and event booths like the ones Barackman so often attends. Great as takeaway gifts or to resell, you truly can’t go wrong with a book.

The Bigfoot bibliophile explained, “With these books, who knows what child I’m inspiring? That responsibility is not lost on me. The reason people don’t think that sasquatches are a real species is because they haven’t read the literature – read the research done by academics, see the data and evidence that has been collected and realize that it’s not just mythology."                                                 

”Education is the key,” Barackman said. “It’s in the evidence, and the evidence is in books.”

Read more about Cliff Barackman’s Bigfoot adventures on his website, and click here to order bulk copies of Finding Bigfoot (Everything You Need to Know)

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