Fair Value Measurement (Practical Guidance and Implementation)

ISBN: 9781118229071
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Practical Guidance and Implementation

"Writing Fair Value Measurement was a monumental taskfraught with controversy not only in the U.S., but also abroad.Having coauthored a book with Mark as well as written one myself, Iwas even more impressed that Mark was able to navigate these fairvalue minefields and produce a work that will be a tremendous helpto accountants and non-accountants alike. If you are looking for a'one-stop' book on fair value measurement, this is it!"

—Neil J. Beaton, CPA/ABV, CFA, ASA, Managing Director,Valuation Services, Alvarez & Marsal

"In recent years, the FASB and the IASB have added manyrequirements for various assets and liabilities to be measured atfair value. In this book, Zyla clearly describes how to implementfair value measurement and how investors and creditors shouldinterpret it. The crisp writing and illuminating analysis will helpreaders to grasp the essence of fair value accounting and to applyit wisely."

—J. Edward Ketz, Associate Professor of Accounting,Pennsylvania State University

"The focus of the book is on fair value measurement based onlevel 3 inputs. This is a critical area of valuations for financialreporting due to a false comfort given by routine application ofevaluating models and assumptions without real possibilities ofcalibration. Mark Zyla offers an extraordinary help inunderstanding the reliability of the inputs and the outputs of thedifferent methodologies and the inherent biases in each of them.The book is a precious support for better valuation both in U.S.GAAP and in IFRS fair value reporting."

—Mauro Bini, Full Professor of Corporate Finance, BocconiUniversity; Chairman, Management Board OIV (Organismo Italiano diValutazione) Essential guidance on the fair value measurementprocess

Now in a second edition, Fair Value Measurement: PracticalGuidance and Implementation helps you succeed in understandingthe fair value accounting rules that entities must follow. Theresult is a resource that you can rely on to understand theimportance of valuation and the concepts that define it. In basic,nontechnical language, author Mark Zyla presents practicaldirection for best practices of financial valuation as well as forunderstanding the many FASB pronouncements involving fair value. Anessential guide for auditors and valuation specialists, FairValue Measurement: Practical Guidance and Implementation, SecondEdition brings you up to speed on what fair value reallymeans.

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Mark L. Zyla
Wiley (November 13, 2012)
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