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Our Heroes!

Buying books in bulk and giving them to others
is a bold and heroic choice!

We're proud to share these stories of how our customers use books

Books impact students' lives as outreach tool
Becker's Bridal
A true-to-life novel becomes the ideal gift for bridal customers
Book Purchased: The Magic Room
Lakeshore Family Resources
Books become a beacon of hope for families in need
Book Purchased: The Polar Express
Akwesasne Family Wellness Program
Using books to connect a community, enhance education, and save money
Book Purchased: The Lost Years
HighPointe Academy
A family-run school commits to classics in their preschool
PBS Kids
Stocking the studio reading room with great books
Book Purchased: Thank You Day and other titles
Oklahoma Children's Theatre
An inspiring story from our Share Your Story contest winner
Book Purchased: Freckle Juice
Missouri Community Betterment
Cultivating strong bonds between teens and adult leaders through teamwork and community outreach.
Book Purchased: StrengthsFinder 2.0
Sideline Products
This company uses books to give back to the community and educate kids about our environment.
United Way
Reading Buddy Kits are given to children in need to get kids excited about books.
Using books in bulk to inspire individuals to take control of their health

Find inspiration from our customers’ stories and discover new ways to use wholesale books in bulk.

When you think of the word "hero", chances are you don’t automatically associate it with books or reading. As the web’s leading book wholesaler, we’re here to change that.

Our amazing customers inspire us every day with the unique and creative ways that they use the books they order in bulk. From large corporations looking to connect with their employees and improve workplace culture to educational institutions that inspire children to non-profit organizations that change our world for the better, YOU, our customers, are true heroes to us, and we want others to learn from you and to be inspired! Learn More

At Bulk Bookstore, we’re all about connecting - not just to the company or organization you represent, but to you as an individual. As a family-owned business in Portland, Oregon, we’re much more than a bulk book website with a shopping cart... we’re real people with a passion for books and the unique possibilities that each turn of the page holds. Every day, we hear of another way that books made a difference and, every day, we say to ourselves, "wouldn’t it be amazing if we could share these stories with all of our customers?". So, we did... on this page...just for YOU!

So tell us, where will the wholesale books you order be going? To an event, a school, a shelter, a convention? Who will the discount books you order online benefit? What is the message behind the title you selected? We want to get to know YOU as you, and celebrate your admirable leadership efforts.

With millions of book titles available from big thinkers, thought-leaders, famous names and publishers worldwide, the possible uses for bulk books are endless. From school teachers to CEOs, religious leaders to small business owners, we want to hear your stories. From the classroom to the corporate office, a small gathering to a big promotional event, we have books to fit every theme, every audience and every budget.

By sharing how buying bestselling books has positively affected your organization, your community or those you care about, you are paving the way for others to do the same. Our hope is that these stories not only bring you joy to read, but open your eyes to new uses, possibilities and benefits that only books can provide.

Hopefully, these heroic case studies put a smile on your face.

Let’s inspire each other!

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