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Bulk Book Distributor & Wholesaler
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Free Shipping. 3 Million Titles.

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Order minimums: $100 / 25 copies per title

Bulk Book Distributor & Wholesaler
Up to 55% Off Retail!

Free Shipping.
3 Million Titles.

Brand New.
Never Used.

Order minimums:
$100 / 25 copies per title
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35,000+ Schools, Businesses and Non-Profits Choose Us!

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Shopper Award

Meet Our Team

Hey book lovers! I'm proud to be one of the founding members of The Bulk Bookstore and this experience has been awesome so far. I love a challenge, so helping our diverse array of customers save money on books continues to motivate me every day.

When I'm not selling wholesale books in bulk, I'm battling the rainy Oregon forecast to find enough time to squeeze in 18 holes of golf. I'm also a graduate of the University of Oregon and will be rooting on my Ducks rain or shine. I love spending time with my beautiful wife, Jo, who just happens to be a 1st grade teacher here in Portland...a great connection for more book orders, right?
Growing up, reading has always been a huge part of my life. From a very young age, I ended each day with my dad reading me a story. My all-time favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are. I enjoy sharing my love of books with all of our customers and it is so gratifying to provide wholesale savings to schools and districts that allows them to introduce more books to their students.

When my nose isn't in a book, you can find me hanging out with my dog, Roo, a Pembroke Welch Corgi - We love to explore Portland together! I also love to dance and stay active. I'm an Oregon alumni (go Ducks!) and of course a proud member of the Timbers army!
It brings me so much joy knowing that I'm helping our customers put more books into more hands every day. I value the teachers who go out of their way to make sure their students have access to the benefits of reading and I so appreciate the widespread use of books at the for-profit and non-profit organizations I work with.

Outside of the office, you can find me in a yoga class just about every day. I'm looking forward to starting my yoga teacher training and traveling to India to practice one day. I also enjoy tapping into my creativity and expressing myself through dance, hula hooping and crafting. Staying active is essential - a reason why I love my standing desk and our office yoga!
As a recent transplant from the east coast it's been easy for me to love every minute in Portland, my new home. I seem to fit right in since I'm a big fan of flannel.

In my free time I spend as much time as I can riding my horse, Steimee. I've been working hard training him, and myself, to ride with "liberty." Which means I don't use any bits or saddles... so much fun! I have three sweet cats at home, which I love dearly (yes, I could be considered a "cat lady"). I also enjoy crocheting and I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, so my house is covered in crocheted Harry Potter characters and banners. If you don't find me at the barn, I'm probably out dancing all around Portland. So if you see a girl dancing while waiting in line for coffee, that's me!
As an avid reader of sci-fi and fantasy novels, I'm thrilled to spend my working hours in the world of books! It's so rewarding to know that I'm helping thousands of educators, non-profits and businesses buy books to promote literacy, reading and a livelong love of books. What could be better than that??

Outside of work, I tend to my (admittedly too many) hobbies, including drawing, playing video games poorly, and exploring the natural wonders of my gorgeous home state of Oregon. I love to travel and hope to someday go back to Rome, a city I fell in love with on my first visit. I have an intense desire to learn everything there is to know about Roman architecture and history. Until I visit again, I guess I'll have to settle with reading books on the subject.

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Our Story

In today's screen facing world, physical books provide relief. If the thousands of businesses, K-12 schools, teachers and districts, non-profits, health organizations, religious groups and government entities that buy wholesale books in bulk from us every year are any indication, then those of us that appreciate the value of printed books have nothing to fear.

Our customers love to share their stories. The new wholesale books purchased from us, are read and shared, spreading new concepts and ideas, sparking creative thought and developing new interests for children, students and adults. In fact, we encourage you to read what our customers have to say.

Whether the trade books you need are published by Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Hachette, Penguin Random House, Houghton Mifflin, Scholastic, McGraw-Hill or others, you can be confident that we offer the lowest wholesale prices on bestselling business books like StrengthsFinder 2.0 and Good to Great, today's popular classroom novels, including Wonder and The Giver, as well as every Dr. Seuss title for children.

We love books so much that we created this site to make it easy for anyone that wants to buy wholesale books online. Whether you need 25 books for children or students, 250 gift books for business clients, or 2,500 books for health books for a promotion, you will receive the lowest possible wholesale prices, free shipping and on-time delivery. Unlike Amazon and other retailers, we provide personal service, from trusted, experienced, friendly people in Portland, Oregon.

Give us a try. We promise to do whatever it takes to ensure that you Save, Smile and Repeat.