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Want to buy bulk books from Amazon? Read this first!

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So, you want to buy books in bulk from Amazon? 

Here's everything you need to know:

From its first day in business until now, 25 years later, Amazon continues to be a wonderful place to buy books, peruse reader reviews and expand a personal library. 

But what about those that need 25 copies, 250 copies, 2500 copies or more of a book to share with others at an organization, use in a school classroom, or giveaway to promote literacy for a non-profit? 

The reality is that the entire Amazon ecosystem is designed for individual consumer purchasing… selling one product to one person. Amazon and its Marketplace third-party sellers are not prepared to fill orders for books in bulk.

Limited Inventory Available

Every item page on Amazon features a quantity drop-down, and in many cases, the quantity you may need will not be offered. Amazon is very clear on their About Bulk Orders page, that “In order to provide all customers with a great selection…we reserve the right to limit the quantities of certain items”. 

Even if you can select the quantity you need, there is no guarantee that your whole order will ship and deliver together. Many of Amazon’s shipments are broken up into several orders, shipped at different time, all based on the availability from different sellers and inventory in different warehouses across the country. Wouldn't you rather be confident that your full bulk book order will be delivered on time?


Amazon Prime Two-Day Shipping Not Available

Amazon currently has more than 100 fulfillment facilities in the U.S. and each warehouse only holds a small quantity of a given book title. This results in bulk book orders being split and shipped from several facilities, making Prime two-day shipping unavailable for many bulk book orders.

No Discounts for Bulk Quantities

Amazon is very clear on their About Bulk Orders page,We don't offer additional discounts on large orders of a single item or on large orders of many individual items. The discounts listed on our website apply to all customers--individual, educational, institutional, and business alike.” 

An alternative to Amazon is Bulk Bookstore, where bulk book prices are guaranteed to be lower than Amazon through a Price Match Guarantee, and where larger discounts are provided based on the quantity ordered. By allowing third-party re-sellers to take over the book selling, Amazon is able to reduce its own inventory on book titles, lowering the chances that they’ll have those 50 copies you need, when you need them.

Will You Receive Counterfeit Books from Amazon?

A recent article in The New York Times brought to light the fast-growing issue of third-party sellers filling their Amazon orders with photocopied books that included errors and smeared text. Books that promised to include assessment codes for use online arrived without these codes and much more. 

The article states, “For 18 months Amazon sold a counterfeit of Agatha Christie’s “Murder on the Orient Express” despite warnings in reader reviews that it is a “monstrosity,” dispensing with such standard features as proofreading and paragraph indenting.” 

In the article, one publisher did test buys “from Amazon and others from its third-party sellers. Of the 34 books (purchased), at least 30 were counterfeit.” Bulk book sellers, like Bulk Bookstore, only sell brand new copies in their original publisher cartons.Books ordered from The Bulk Bookstore are always brand new, never used. 

Have You Spoken to Amazon Recently?

While ordering from Amazon is convenient, nothing beats speaking to a real, live human. When buying a large order of books in bulk and spending a large sum of money online, you want accessible communication and expert assistance. Through online chat, a quick phone call, or email - knowledgeable, real-life Book Specialists are here to help.

Purchase Orders & Credit Terms

Most educational institutions, corporations, and government agencies prefer to order through procurement systems that issue purchase orders to their vendors and credit terms for delayed payment. Amazon does not offer this option - but bulk book specialists like Bulk Bookstore understand and respect the requirements of these organizations, and are happy to accept purchase orders and provide credit terms.

It’s easy to see that Amazon is not the best option when looking to purchase bulk books in quantities of 25 copies or more. In contrast, a bulk book specialist like Bulk Bookstore, which boasts more than 35,000 education, business, non-profit, religious and government organizations among its customers, is a capable, trustworthy choice when buying books in bulk.

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