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Past Winners of the BIG preK-12 Educators Giveaway

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We've given away more than $14,000 in FREE books to these lucky winners, and this giveaway just keeps on giving!

See all of our past winners here.

Enter to WIn $500 in Free Books

2019 Monthly $500 Book Giveaway Winners

January: Kristy Bartlett of Van Wyck Elementary, South Carolina

February: Christie Amburn of Loudon Elementary, Tennessee

March: Mary Ellen Lee of LEAD Charter Schools, Arizona

April: Kendra Gibson of Andrews Middle School, North Carolina

May: Tiffany Neal of Westside High School, Florida

June: Marlene Courvelle of Branch Elementary, Louisiana

July: Richard Childers of Huntsville High School, Alabama

August: Susan Bates of Winchell Elementary, Michigan

September: Erin Swain of Century Middle School, Colorado

October: Stacy Cunningham of DeKalb Co CTL United School District, Indiana

2018 Monthly $500 Book Giveaway Winners

January: Renee Hilla of Hazel Park School District, Michigan

February: Kimberly Rauser of Fort Smith Schools, Arizona

March: Jamie Kobs of Sun Prairie High School, Wisconsin

April: Rena Musgrove of VonSteuben Middle School, Illinois

May: Emonica Jackson of CRK Headstart, Georgia

June: Dominic Palmeroni of Cochrane Collegiate Academy, North Carolina

July: Kelley Cervantes of Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School, California

August: Lisa Shands of Roland Park Elementary/Middle School, Maryland

September: Regina Harold of Gibbs Middle School, Tennessee

October: Kristin Hittner of MWVCAA Head Start, Oregon

November: Trisha Bowles of Seaside Community Charter School, Florida

December: Linda Schiffman of Academy Park Elementary, Utah

2017 Quarterly $500 Book Giveaway Winners

Angela Hubbs of Centennial School District in Portland, Oregon

Coleen Shive of District 51 in Colorado

Gwendolyn Ellis from Amherst County Public Schools in Virginia

Debby Patrick of Willoughby-Eastlake City School District in Ohio

2016 Monthly $100 Book Giveaway Winners

Chandra Merryman of Joe Shafer Middle School, Tennessee

Debbie Heitzenrater of Towanda Elementary School, Kansas

Katie Brombereck of Acelero, Wisconsin

Ursula Lancaric of Fortney High School, Texas

Amber Labertew of Lavaca School District, Arkansas

Ashley Trueblood of Flowing Wells High School, Arizona

Sheila Culp of Frank Hughes Middle School, Tennessee

Teleah Brown of Holmes Stem Academy, Michigan

John Fallin of Oneonta Middle School, Alabama

Lyndsey Epperson of Janney Elementary School, Washington D.C.


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