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How to Order Bulk Books

Free Shipping

Orders deliver in 4-10 business days
(unless expedited)
Canadian customers need to pay for shipping charges...sorry.
International shipping, outside of Canada, is not available.

Low Minimums

25 copies per title / $100 per order
Sorry, quantities cannot be
mixed to meet 25

3,000,000+ Titles

Our online catalog includes thousands
of book titles and we have access
to million more.
Didn't find the titles you're looking for?
Contact us and we'll happily provide a quote
for the books you need.

Price Match Guarantee

Provide us a link to a qualified
bulk bookseller's website
or a copy of a quote.
If qualified, we'll match it.
No questions asked.
Easy Peasy.

Purchasing Made Easy

Purchasing is easy with a Purchase Order,
Credits Card, PayPal, Check or Wire.
Need a quote before you buy?
Our site makes that easy too.
Sorry, bulk book orders are non-returnable.

Helpful Humans

Our Book Specialists are available
via email, phone or live chat
on our site.
Monday through Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm PST

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