Bulk Bookstore is 100% Employee Owned, one of only 7,000 businesses in the country to achieve this incredible feat!

What does that mean to YOU… and to us?

Kelly Robertson
How Our Customers Became MY Customers
Kelly Robertson
Customer Experience Manager
Every business cares about their customers or, at least, they want you to think they do. But when we became an employee-owned company, my eyes opened to see that every Bulk Bookstore customer is truly MY customer. I find that I'm answering every question a bit more thoughtfully and I'm attending to every order and every issue with a little bit more care. This is so much more than just a job to me now - this is my future - so I'm fully focused on fostering real human connections. After all, MY customers deserve the best I have to give!
Mike Williams
Bulk Bookstore's First Employee
Mike Williams
Sales Director
When I started working at Bulk Bookstore, 14 years ago, I felt like I was starting my own business from the ground up. But it wasn't my business, I was just paid to do my job. Today, as an employee owner, I'm most proud of our exceptional customer service, our highly knowledgeable team and the hundreds of long-standing customer relationships we've developed. Customers tell me that they can feel our positive energy when they work with us. That's the best compliment we can get!
Makena Martin
Ownership is a Big Word That None of Us Take Lightly
Makena Martin
Customer Data Specialist
When it was announced that we were becoming an ESOP, like everyone else, I felt an immediate sense of pride and ownership over the company that we’ve all devoted so much time and hard work to. I now come to work more personally invested in every customer interaction and I feel so grateful for everyone that chooses to buy books from us.

What Is An ESOP?

An ESOP is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, an employee benefit governed by The Department of Labor. All employees are included in the plan and receive shares in the company each year at no cost to themselves. The value of those shares increases with the value of the company, and employees are rewarded for their hard work that has helped the company succeed.

According to the National Center for Employee Ownership, ESOP companies demonstrate greater employment stability which, combined with smart investments, leads to ESOP employees having as much as twice the total retirement funds compared to the average non-ESOP employee.