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Buy Books in Bulk for Your Non-Profit
Up to 55% Off Retail!

Free Shipping. 3 Million Titles.

Brand New. Never Used.

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Order minimums: $100 / 25 copies per title

Buy Books in Bulk for
Your Non-Profit
Up to 55% Off Retail!

Free Shipping.
3 Million Titles.

Brand New.
Never Used.

Order minimums:
$100 / 25 copies per title
Search Our Catalog

5,000+ Non-Profit Organizations Nationwide Choose Us!

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If saving money is a key tenant of your organization, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you use books to promote literacy, spread your message or to inspire others to give, with more than 3 million published books available, we have the books you want, at prices that are sure to save you money.

Not-for-profit organizations have key messages to communicate and a targeted audience to communicate to. These groups create an exciting vision, expertly communicate that vision, and then inspire and empower their supporters to relentlessly drive it forward. Published books are the perfect vehicle to provide credible, unbiased, expertly written information to support your cause. These books then become the catalyst for learning, conversations, and reinforcing those key messages and core values that are critical for fundraising and for making a difference. Use published books in bulk as gifts to donors, distribute them at special events, and give them to volunteers, all, while building credibility as the expert in your field.

Purchasing wholesale books in bulk provides significant savings of both money and time – valuable commodities for any nonprofit organization.

The BulkBookStore works, every day, with hundreds of literacy programs, nonprofit 501c3 organizations, and corporate foundations in all 50 states. Our experienced staff is accustomed to facilitating wholesale bulk book orders for meetings, conferences, seminars, author events, awareness campaigns, fundraisers, donor events and more. We offer worldwide delivery to hotels and event locations and accept purchase orders for larger orders, upon credit approval.

As our tagline iterates… we want you to Save, Smile and Repeat when you buy books in bulk for your organization. That’s why we do more than just advertise our friendly service, but we actually live up to it…with every call, email and order. We just care more. Call us today, and find out for yourself how easy buying business books in bulk can be.