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The Bulk Book Store is proud to be one of the top sellers of Dr. Seuss books in bulk. Dr. Seuss books have influenced nearly every living American who ever learned to read. Today, more than 78 years after the first Dr. Seuss book was published in 1937, Dr. Seuss books have become the backbone of children's reading libraries both in schools and at home. If you are looking to buy in bulk any, of the more than 60 Dr. Seuss books currently published, you have come to the right place. We currently offer all Dr. Seuss books at wholesale prices and with free shipping. Learn More

It's possible that almost all of us have a similar connection to these iconic books and we want our children to make that same connection to Dr. Seuss' magical worlds, creative wordplay and the joyful humor that each story conveys. Whether you are a buying The Cat in the Hat book in bulk for your school or classroom, you are giving Oh the Places You'll Go to a middle, high school or college graduating class or your company is using How the Grinch Stole Christmas as a holiday gift to clients, you are making a special decision. Your decision to buy Dr. Seuss books in bulk is a decision to share the joys of reading, imagination and a view of the world that is moral, positive and unique.

We, at the Bulk Book Store, are thrilled to share our passion about Dr. Seuss books with you. We encourage you to not only order Dr. Seuss books in bulk on our website, but to call or email us for title recommendations. There are several special editions of many of the Dr. Seuss books currently available which we are happy to share with you. As our tagline says… we want you to Save, Smile and Repeat when you buy Dr. Seuss books in bulk at wholesale prices. That's why we do more than just advertise our friendly service, but we actually live up to it…with every call, email and order. We just care more. Call us today, and find out for yourself how easy buying Dr. Seuss books in bulk can be.