Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge, + Website

ISBN: 9780470880852
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The definitive, must-have guide for the forensic accountingprofessional

Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge is theunique, innovative, and definitive guide and technical referencework for the financial forensics and/or forensic accountingprofessional, including nearly 300 forensic tools, techniques,methods and methodologies apply to virtually all civil, criminaland dispute matters. Many of the tools have never before beenpublished.

It defines the profession: "The Art & Science ofInvestigating People & Money."

It defines Forensic Operators: "…financialforensics-capable personnel… possess unique andspecific skills, knowledge, experience, education, training,and integrity to function in the financial forensicsdiscipline."

It defines why: "If you understand financial forensics youunderstand fraud, but not vice versa" by applying financialforensics to all aspects of the financial community.

It contains a book-within-a-book Companion Sectionfor financial valuation and litigation specialists.

It defines foundational financial forensics/forensic accountingmethodologies: FAIM, Forensic AccountingInvestigation Methodology, ICE/SCORE, CICO, APD, forensiclexicology, and others.

It contains a Reader Lookup Table that permitseveryone in the financial community to immediately focus on thepertinent issues.

This work is the only financial forensics/forensic accountingmethodology also published by the United States Department ofJustice. It redefines the standard for all dimensions of thefinancial forensics and forensic accounting profession and iswritten to address the entire financial community comprised ofOriginators (CFOs, controllers, accountants,analysts, etc.), Users (auditors, valuators,attorneys, judges, lenders, investors, internal auditors,consumers, bankers, professors, board members, executives,journalists, etc.), and Regulators (civil, includingIRS, IMF, SEC,; and criminal, including FBI and state and local lawenforcement; Interpol, counterterrorism and military.

Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge is:

  • The only codified financial forensics/forensic accountingmethodology known to exist;
  • The only codified methodology comprising civil, criminal, anddispute methodologies within the same framework;
  • The only codified methodology supported by optionalInternet-based software that continually updates content with newlydiscovered and developed forensic tools, techniques, methods andmethodologies, and actual reports;
  • The only codified methodology to contain actual report content(BLINDED) for many different forensic matters, including alter ego,damages, fraud, fraudulent transfer, marital dissolution,valuation, etc.;
  • The only codified methodology to contain a comprehensiveForensic Inventory of tools, techniques, methods andmethodologies;
  • The only codified methodology to address virtually every typeof entity, i.e. privately-held, publicly-held, governmental,charitable, NPO, NGO, etc.;
  • The only codified methodology applicable to the US and globalfinancial community;
  • The only codified methodology that comprises an embeddedtraining tool for beginning, intermediate and advanced financialprofessionals;
  • The only codified methodology suitable for immediate adoptionas firm-wide and agency-wide best practices technical and trainingstandards.

The great majority of the content has not been previouslyassembled and published, and duplication of other publications hasbeen purposely avoided to prevent redundancy.

The two principal authors have trained literally thousandswithin the financial community in various aspects of the contentduring the last several years. The attendees have includedvirtually all entity types, including federal, state and localgovernment and law enforcement, e.g. SEC, FBI. The feedback hasbeen universally positive and prompted the construction of thisbook. The contributing authors include public and private practice,attorneys, academics, law enforcement, and publicly-held andprivately-held financial professionals. They are practitionersfirst and foremost and heavily experienced in instructionalsettings.

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