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Test The Shroud (At the Atomic and Molecular Levels)

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Scientific research surprisingly indicates that radiation, in a photographic-like process, most likely created the Shroud's images. When 19th and 20th century technologies were applied to this burial cloth, they dramatically improved the quality of its images and increased the number of their visible features to well over a hundred. Like an X-Ray, some bones in the hands and spine are even visible. Forensic research now indicates the Shroud is from Jerusalem in the 1st century and is of a dead man who incurred the same series of wounds and was crucified in exactly the same manner as Jesus. If sophisticated 21st century technology was applied to the Shroud at the atomic and molecular levels (along with new DNA testing techniques), they could tell us whether this radiation was particle radiation and whether its source was the dead body wrapped within this cloth. These techniques could not only tell us the age of the cloth, but when and where this miraculous event occurred and whether he was the historical Jesus.

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Mark Antonacci
Forefront Publishing Company (November 1, 2016)
6" x 9" x 1.5"
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