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Abandoned Arkansas (An Echo From The Past)

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If you have ever driven by a building and wondered what has happened within its walls, you know what drives Abandoned Arkansas. Every day neglected structures are on the verge of being demolished or in desperate need of renovation. Join Michael Schwarz, Eddy Sisson, Ginger Beck, and James Kirkendall through the forgotten history of the Natural State, from the Majestic Hotel in Hot Springs to Dogpatch USA, an abandoned theme park once loved by thousands. Travel to decayed places around the state and bear witness to the vandalism, weathering, and slow death of countless historic buildings. It's simultaneously heartbreaking and captivating. Through historic documentation, these photographers hope to immortalize the stories of the places they visit beyond the building's finite lifespan, and to preserve an echo from the past.
To see over 150 locations and more photos from abandoned places around the state, please visit AbandonedAR.com

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Michael Schwarz, Eddy Sisson, Ginger Beck, James Kirkendall
Arcadia Publishing (January 28, 2019)
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January 28, 2019
6.5" x 9.25" x 0.31"
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