Crucial Care for Colorado Kids: Pines & Plains Libraries and BBS

Posted by Jamie M., Book Specialist on Jun 2nd 2017

Sarah from Pines & Plains Libraries in Colorado shares with us how bulk books make a monumental difference to under-served children, and how Bulk Bookstore prices helped make her job much easier.

Family, Friends and Neighbors

While working with a grant to provide literacy materials for Family, Friends and Neighbor (FFN) child care providers, Sarah found herself in need of a bunch of books.

These FFN “surrogate” providers assist families in which the parents work full time, cannot afford day care and so on, which sometimes leaves children at home with a lack of structure and guidance. 

Often grandparents, uncles and aunts, older siblings, friends, neighbors, and elders who help families take care of their kids on an informal basis are extremely influential in providing nurture and encouragement but need some extra help

A Necessary Service

“Children who aren’t at day cares and whose parents work full time aren’t getting the foundations that they need because, currently, there are few organizations that service them,” Sarah explained to our team.

Since FFN providers don’t always have access to the tools, resources, and materials needed to provide top-quality care for these children, Sarah set out to create something unique...a literacy kit. 


Adding the book Time for a Bath into the mix would provide children not only with an educational tool, but something entertaining that they could come back to again and again.

Sarah was excited to make this important project happen but finding an adequate number of copies of this book at a price that would work within her budget was the next big challenge.

“It was hard to find multiple copies of the book from one source…” Sarah began. “But when I stumbled across Bulk Bookstore, everything started falling into place!”

Why Bulk Bookstore?

After much searching, Sarah had finally found a place that provided as many copies of the book she needed, and began to put her project in motion.

“I was able to start organizing literacy kits based on this cute book!” she exclaimed. “These bunny bags will soon be in the hands of one of the most under-served populations in the state of Colorado.”

She continued, “Thanks to Bulk Bookstore, I was able to use grant funds to obtain a large amount of great quality books for this project!”

We’re humbled to have been picked as the bulk book provider for such a wonderful organization, and hope that the children enjoy their books!

Learn more about FFN here, and order wholesale bulk copies of Time for a Bath here.