Disruption (Overturning Conventions and Shaking Up the Marketplace)

ISBN: 9780471165651
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Disruption? It's nothing new. Just look at any of the breakthroughbusiness ideas of the last thirty years-from Federal Expressovernight delivery to Saturn's fixed sticker price-and you'll see aperfect example of the principle of disruption in action.

Still, do you really understand what makes these ideas great? On anintuitive level, maybe, but can you articulate it clearly,reproduce it to create your own business breakthroughs, and make itan integral part of how your company operates? Probably not-unless,of course, you're already familiar with the principles andpractices spelled out in Disruption, the groundbreaking new book byglobal advertising and marketing authority Jean-Marie Dru.

To put it simply, disruption is about uncovering the culturallyembedded biases and conventions that shape standard approaches tobusiness thinking and get in the way of clear, creative thinking.It's about shattering those biases and conventions and settingcreativity free to forge a radical new vision of a product, brand,or service. It's about spearheading change rather than reacting toit.

In Disruption, Dru shows you how to harness the enormous potentialof this concept. He introduces innovative strategies for breakingdown creative barriers and shows you how to analyze traditionalapproaches from new perspectives. Next, he provides valuable toolsfor identifying and cataloging conventions, including "what if,""multicultural analysis," and the "disruption bank." He thendemonstrates-with the help of dozens of galvanizing examples fromaround the world-how to apply this knowledge systematically tocreate innovative competitive strategies, marketing campaigns, andoperations plans that can revitalize your company ordepartment.

Disruption is must reading for all advertising and marketingprofessionals, as well as business people who understand the valueof creativity.

Praise for Disruption

"Dru offers not just a convincing context but a successfulmethodology for breaking out of creative ruts. There's nothing likestirring up a little turbulence to get new thoughts flying. In thisbook, Dru tells how to pump new energy into brands, with fresh,even revolutionary thinking." -Aldo Papone Senior Advisor, AmericanExpress Company

"Dru's advertising theories in Disruption are nontraditional, whichis exactly what you need to regain the interest and trust oftoday's consumers." -Scott Bedbury Senior Vice President,Marketing, Starbucks Coffee Company

"Disruption is all about risk-taking, trusting your intuition, andrejecting the way things are supposed to be. Disruption goes waybeyond advertising, it forces you to think about where you wantyour brand to go and how to get there." -Richard Branson Founderand Chairman of Virgin Group of Companies.

"I read Disruption with admiration and recognition. The neatmarketing premise of disruption, as articulated, is brilliant. Thecase studies are compelling . . . making this an unusually easyread." -Owen J. Lipstein Editor-in-Chief, Psychology Today, Spy,Mother Earth News.

"I enjoyed reading Jean-Marie Dru's book and found myself noddingmy head rather than nodding off. It's a timely and well-arguedreminder of the need to be different." -David Abbott Chairman,Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO Ltd.

"Dru offers a truly absorbing compendium of the what, how, and whyof creating advertising that takes consumers bysurprise-advertising that is different but effective. He offers adistinctive approach to discovering unconventional but sensibleideas for brands and for the advertising that supports them -inprint, TV, or the Internet." -Stephen A. Greyser Professor ofMarketing/Communications, Harvard Business School.

"Disruption is a catalyst of the imagination, an invaluable guidefor rejecting conventionality, ideas which have always been at theheart of MTV." -Bill Roedy CEO, MTV International

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