Felice y La Llorona / Felice and the Wailing Woman

ISBN: 9781644738047
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Felice se ha enterado de que es hija de La Llorona, el monstruo de la leyenda más famosa de la frontera de México y Estados Unidos. En esta fascinante aventura, la jovencita de doce años buscará revertir la maldición que ha caído sobre el mágico pueblo de Tres Leches y liberar a su madre, atrapada entre dos mundos.

En el camino, conoce a los hijos de otros monstruos, como La Lechuza y el Diablo Danzante y juntos liberan a Tres Leches de maldiciones mágicas y metafóricas que han perseguido a la gente durante generaciones.
El eléctrico regreso de Diana López a la literatura juvenil llega con este libro —el primero de una serie— rebosante en magia, aventura y folclore mexicano. Es perfecto para los fanáticos de Ghost Squad de Claribel Ortega y The Jumbies de Tracey Baptiste.


The twelve-year-old daughter of La Llorona vows to free her mother and reverse the curses that have plagued the magical town of Tres Leches in this delightfully sweet and spellbinding adventure by beloved author Diana López.

When Felice learns that she’s the daughter of La Llorona, she catches a ride to the magical town of Tres Leches, where her mother is said to be haunting the river. Growing up with her uncle Clem in Corpus Christi, Felice knew that she had been rescued from drowning—it’s where her intense fear of water comes from—but she had no idea her mother remained trapped between worlds, looking for her. Guided by the magical town’s eccentric mayor, Felice vows to help her mother make peace with the events that turned her into the most famous monstruo of US–Mexico borderlore. Along the way, she meets the children of other monstruos, like La Lechuza and the Dancing Devil, and together they free Tres Leches from magical and metaphorical curses that have haunted its people for generations.

Diana López’s electric return to middle grade—the first in a series—brims with magic, adventure, and Mexican folklore, perfect for fans of Ghost Squad by Claribel Ortega and The Jumbies series by Tracey Baptiste.

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Diana López
PRH Grupo Editorial (July 18, 2023)
Age Range:
9 to 12
Grade Level:
4th Grade to 7th Grade
5.2" x 8" x 0.6"
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Westminster, MD
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