Measuring ROI in Learning & Development (Case Studies from Global Organizations)

ISBN: 9781562867997
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How do you accurately and effectively measure return on investment (ROI) in training and performance improvement? Measuring ROI in Learning & Development, a new volume with a focus on the international arena and including a selection of case studies, provides detailed information on how to create, develop, and sustain a comprehensive ROI evaluation system. A focus on accountability in measuring ROI in learning and performance improvement programs has produced a book filled with functional, pragmatic suggestions and examples that can be implemented in the real world. Measuring ROI in Learning & Development provides everyone who has a personal or professional interest in developing effective metrics with a solid foundation on which to build practical ROI measuring programs. Specific topics covered include:
  • examination of selected case studies, many of which employ the ROI Methodology
  • definition and discussion of the ROI Methodology, and suggestions on how to best implement it
  • exploration of best practices in measurement and evaluation of ROI
  • discussion of various ROI data collection plans
  • coverage of data analysis strategies and program assessment protocols
  • analysis of program costs. Measuring ROI in Learning and Development provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of developing, creating, implementing, maintaining, and assessing an effective, productive ROI-measurement program. With its explanation of the ROI Methodology; presentation of numerous case studies; extensive documentation and analysis of best practices; and consideration of such important issues as cost, data collection, and program assessment, this title is the most complete resource available for those involved with measuring ROI.

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    Patricia Pulliam Phillips, Jack J. Phillips
    Association for Talent Development (December 21, 2011)
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