Value-Driven Intellectual Capital (How to Convert Intangible Corporate Assets into Market Value)

ISBN: 9780471351047
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How do firms like Hewlett-Packard, DuPont, Dow Chemical, IBM, andTexas Instruments routinely convert the ideas of their employeesinto profits that sustain the corporation?

How can buyers and sellers calculate the assets of the acquiredfirm in a merger or acquisition?

How can an organization affect the firm's stock price using theleverage of intellectual assets?

Identifying a firm's assets, especially its intellectual assets-theproprietary knowledge expressed as a recipe, formula, trade secret,invention, program, or process-has become critical to a company'soverall vision and strategic plan and essential in suchtransactions as stock offerings or mergers. In the era of theknowledge-based company, where the firm's genius and future lies inits ideas, a firm's collective know-how has become a measurablecommodity-and as much a part of its bottom line as the condition ofits cash investments, plant, and equipment. Extracting andmeasuring the real value of knowledge is essential for anycorporate head who knows how high the stakes have become forcorporate survival in the information age-where the innovative ideais as good as, if not better than, gold! Value-Driven IntellectualCapital is a corporate and financial executives' handbook to thenew world of intangible assets-what they are and how to convertthem into cash or strategic position. Written by one of the seminalthinkers in the field, and the key organizer of the ICM Gathering,a group of leading-edge knowledge-based companies, Value-DrivenIntellectual Capital explains the new, boundary-expanding world ofintellectual assets-where translating an innovative idea intobottom-line profits involves a tightly focused strategy with cleardirectives for making it happen. A blueprint for turning corporateknowledge, know-how, and intellectual property into a sustainablecompetitive weapon that will build a firm's reputation and marketshare, this practical, insightful book outlines:
* Basic concepts underlying IC (intellectual capital) and corporatevalue creation
* The linkage between IC, business strategy, and profits
* The different kinds of value-including qualitative andquantitative -firms realize from their IC
* Activities required to produce the value firms desire from theirIC
* Methods for calculating the dollar value of companies-for marketcapitalization and mergers or acquisitions
* An economic model of an IC company

The book's appendix is a valuable distillation for corporate andfinancial executives, managers, researchers, and analysts of IC'sbasic working concepts and definitions, including the principlesunderlying value creation and value extraction, the concepts andstrategies used by successful companies, the sources of value forknowledge companies, and the mechanisms used to convert that valueinto real profits. And since it is managerial talent that turnsintellectual property into business assets, the book provides anarsenal of key concepts, methods, and processes for aligning withand using intellectual property as an active element of a firm'sbusiness strategies. It concludes with a discussion of how value isextracted from human capital, focusing on its elusive magneticcore: creativity and productivity. In an era in which firms areincreasingly accountable to shareholders and success is judgedsolely by stock price, knowing how to measure and extract the valueof a firm's intellectual assets has become one of the most criticaland essential skills needed by CEOs today. Reflecting the mostinnovative thinking from some of the most sophisticated firms inthe world, Sullivan's Value-Driven Intellectual Capital is amanifesto, a clarion call to excellence for any corporate orfinancial executive, merger and acquisition partner or investor whounderstands how much future corporate survival and success dependson the simple enduring genius of a good idea and the need toconvert those ideas into corporate value.

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Patrick H. Sullivan
Intellectual Property-General, Law, Accounting & Finance, Management, Licensing, Special Topics
Wiley (March 10, 2000)
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